Guest Katie Hornor is living her ideal business lifestyle. In this inspirational interview you will discover how to find your purpose and begin living your own ideal lifestyle. Having learned the hard way how to successfully use blogging to grow her business, Katie shares her best tips and strategies to help you start or improve your own blogging activity so you can include blogging in your marketing strategy to increase your exposure and grow your revenues.

Katie Hornor

A serial entrepreneur & Generation X Women’s Business Mentor, Katie Hornor speaks internationally at online business and educational events, and is the author of more than 40 self-published books and courses for children and adults.As the founder of, and The Blog Connection, Katie coaches women to make a business of their hobby & attain freedom with online income stability (from anywhere).

Her coaching clients are raving about her wisdom, her integrity, her ability to simplify complicated processes, and her passion for making others successful.

Katie and her husband began their entrepreneurial journey in 2012 with no savings and very little monthly income. Living solely on ministry donations, they hustled every spare minute and have grown their businesses debt free.

They live, work and homeschool their 5 children in tropical Mexico where their businesses allow them to pursue their passion of transforming home education for the Spanish Speaking world with their Lemonhass® homeschool curriculum created specifically for Spanish speakers.

Katie also hosts the Blogging Successfully Retreats (Mexico and USA), has been featured at Florida Parent Educator’s Association Annual Convention, and Blended Blogging Conference, among others. She has written for Huffington Post,,,, and others.

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